Welcome to the Eldor!

This is a world, in which people and other creatures, intelligent and not much so, live side by side. Some creatures help people to live while others are very hostile and ready to attack anyone on their way. And people themselves do not live in peace with each other any longer. From the very beginning people had no racial division. But then the time of darkness came and people devided. Those, who stayed to live to the north from the Great Sea, started to call themselves the Northerners. And those, who lived to the south from the Great Sea, began to call themselves the Southerners. And they began to quarrel about which gods to worship. And there was no peaceful communication between them any longer. And there appeared numerous conflicts. And people built the Great Arena in the Suriy Mountains and held battles there to see whose gods are stronger. But there remained some keepers of Ancient Wisdom and they do not allow these conflicts to up into a fratricidal war. And these wise people send warriors to fight with the Dark forces, that befuddled people and force brothers to kill each other.